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I can not call myself professional writer. First of all, I'm inventor. Here are my inventions.

1) the formula of Earthly Paradise;

2) double pyramid or perfect Monad;

3) Information Filter;

4) the formula of perfect organization;

5) the formula of absolute power or universal weapon;

6) the formula of subjective happiness;

7) how to have a power without breaking the cosmic laws.

I live in Belarus, and I speak in Russian. This book was translated with the help of Belarusian translators. Probably it is bad translation. But I want to show you my inventions!!! Please tell me in which place you do not like the book. And what would you like to improve. I want to create interesting book. I want to create perfect book. I am seeking a business partner to make my book nice to read for Americans.

The four main reasons of sufferings

A person needs a teacher to learn anything. That is why there are a lot of educational establishments on Earth. Provided a corresponding desire, a person may do any science and get any profession. But the main science for every person, the science of happiness, is taught nowhere. Let’s try to understand the reasons. Happiness can be subjective and objective. Subjective happiness belongs to a subject; it means that for everyone it is personal and different.

This happiness is impossible to share with. And it depends on the way the person perceives outward things. Objective happiness is an untroubled life. And only God has it. So, to get it, we should learn from Him Who has already reached it. As we know, the truth is in Bible. And it says that only God is objectively happy. Thus, God knows everything. God can do anything. God is the strongest in the Universe. God can distance bad from Himself and attract good. Therefore, to reach untroubled life, we have to remove the four main reasons of sufferings from our life. Here they are:

  1. a lack of knowledge:
  2. limited resource;
  3. the conflict of interests;
  4. the inability to select your environment.

Now let’s consider these reasons of sufferings in detail.

A lack of knowledge

If you read this book, it means that you want to become clever or wiser. It is very good indeed.

But it’s a pity, that you can’t place all the information of the world in your head. And it means that even after reading the whole book you’ll have a chance to error. Unfortunately, any mistake in definition leads to sufferings. That is why the “lack of knowledge” as a cause of sufferings is on the first, and not at the third or fourth place. God knows everything, thence He never errоs. God loves us; therefore He has given us the opportunity to find right answers for all the questions without shedding blood. There is no sense to learn from our own mistakes, because we can analyze the mistakes of the others and just not to repeat them! The wisest man on Earth, Socrates, said, that there is the only good – knowledge, and the only evil – ignorance. All the people seek for the better life, not for the worse. It is to improve their lives the adults create families. But in a while most of the families fall apart. Why is it going on? Mostly because a person, wishing to create a family, shows to his admired only the best side, and hides properly the worse. The time passes, and the spouses find out something that they haven’t noticed before.

They start quarreling, and it slowly flows to divorce. Is it possible to exclude this reason of sufferings? Yes, as well as the other ones. But we will talk about it in the second part of the book.

Insignificant people make insignificant mistakes. But the mistakes of the President would cause sufferings of millions. Even if all the citizens were clever, but their President not, all the citizens would suffer, notwithstanding their intelligence or ignorance.

The brightest example in this case is Adolf Hitler. Hitler conquered European countries using blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg (German, “lightning war”) is a method of a fulminant warfare, thanks to it the victory is fast and it is gained in a days, weeks or month, before the enemy would be able to mobilize and deploy its main military forces. It was created in the beginning of the XX century by Alfred von Schlieffen. German people idolized their fuehrer; they considered him as a genius of the war. The main word here is “considered”. Adolf Hitler decided in his turn, that blitzkrieg is the best method of warfare. And he decided to try it in the war with a Soviet Union. But in that moment the whole world rose against him. USA and most powerful European countries united their forces against him. There was no quick victory; moreover, there was no victory at all! The head of the country, Adolf Hitler, made a mistake in choosing the definition for this war, and the efforts of millions of German soldiers, officers and generals had no sense anymore!

So, the first reason of sufferings is lack of knowledge. One person a-priory can’t hold all the information, sufficient for his happiness. But there are enough people on Earth to gather the information, required for the common welfare! In the second part of the book you’ll see, what is to be done for it.

Limited resource

People unlike God are not almighty. The capabilities of any person are largely limited.

But on the other hand, the humanity altogether is almighty. Therefore, limited resource

follow from the division of the people into small groups.

The main reason of dissociation of people is egregors. Egregor (Ancient Greek ἐγρήγοροι – a watcher) is a term in the occult and new religious movements, which indicates the soul of the thing, or an angel, “mental condensate”, born by the thoughts and emotions and pouring out into an independent being.

Now we should admit the existing of the other word. Because the egregor is in some way a living substance of the other world, which consists of the people’s thoughts. There is a law, which works in the other world – the like attracts like. Therefore, similar thoughts unite and start to live independently. When a person thinks about something, he unites with a corresponding egregors and gets thoughts from him. The longer a person cooperates with an egregor, the more information he gets from him. A talented person is the one who approached to the top of the egregor. Genius is a person, who has learned the whole egregor, and the egregor allows to such person to change him. The main problem of the humanity is in the self-sufficiency of egregors. In other words, egregors are not friends for each other.

Let’s return to the visible world and see the egregors act. The USA is the richest and the most powerful country in the world. It is the country of great potential. Any person can get there. Does it mean that having arrived there; he would get its unlimited possibilities and chances? No, not at all. Coming to the USA, an emigrant realizes that he should learn the language again because of the local peculiarities. Then he should accept the American way of thinking. And which is the main, he should fit into the numerous rules of this country of freedom. Statistics shows, that emigrants couldn’t achieve striking success in America. They cannot fit into an egregor, which is alien for them. A large number of emigrants fall to the bottom of American life. So, resource constraints are directly connected with the apartness and self-sufficiency of the invisible egregors. It is impossible to see the egregor itself, but anyone could see their effects, anywhere. Egregors are divided into the language groups. The Russian would not understand the American, and vice versa, without the dictionary. It is clear, that any person thinks in his mother tongue. The motherland also influences much. The American thinks in the American way and the Englishman in his own. But you can find much in common between them, though they would never consider themselves as a part of a common. As to profession, the people of a common occupation always can deal with each other, because they cooperate with the same egregor. Each concern has its own egregor, and they may be not friendly. Look at the social groups. You would not see the representatives of different social groups eating together at the same table. Those who are powerful may do great things, but in the same time be unhappy in love. A person is forced to look for a beloved in a related egregor; otherwise the couple would not understand each other! Any family is also a little egregor. So, the opportunities of any person directly depend on the egregor he dwells now. It is reasonable to suggest, that a person can live without problems only in the almighty egregor! Is such egregor possible? Yes, of cause.

Adolf Hitler created his own egregor, and he wanted to conquer the world with his help.

Completely different people could unite only two things – religion and mortal danger. Hitler united different people with his ideas. Hitler’s organization owned great resources, and thus conquered many countries. But the Nazi killed other egregors, which caused the mortal danger for them! As a result the people of USA and USSR, who were enemies in ideology, united against him. In a mortal danger egregors unite, and people call it military brotherhood.

But as soon as Hitler was defeated, and the mortal danger for the egregors faded away, Russians and Americans became the enemies again. And the only reason for it is that their egregors have nothing in common. I mean, to remove the second reason from our lives,

limited resource, we should create such egregor, which would be friendly with all the other egregors in the Earth.

It can be done in two ways. The first is to create a mortal danger for the humanity. To save themselves, the egregors would do anything (what we like). The second is to create a religion, which would unite all the people, or at least, the majority.

The conflict of interests

There are constant wars on Earth. How could we stop the violence on the planet Earth? How to stop any violence at all? Any power could be stopped only by the greater power. Let’s try to understand, why gods do not interfere in the violence we do on Earth. God has created such perfect planet, that on Earth every reasonable creature dreams to be happy. This happiness is pleasure without problems. No one wants to create problems for himself. God knew from the beginning, that every development is possible only in the process of fighting. That is why everything on Earth has its antipode. And they all fight against each other. The summer warms, and the winter chills all around. Everything is interconnected and in harmony in the nature. And it is in harmony, because God has created it. We see the bloody fight between animals, carnivores eat herbivores. Carnivores can’t eat all the herbivores, they eat the week and sick. It moves the evolution in their world. But we are more interested in the fights of the human world.

Here is the picture, which predestinates the lives of all the inhabitants of Earth, it is a monad.

Monad signifies unity and struggle of opposites. Gods do not interfere in the human life, but they observe the opposites for everything on Earth. And the opposites would deal themselves. The struggle of opposites makes people move forward better than any persuasions. Let’s see the monad’s action at the bright opposites’ example – criminals and the police. Criminals could do their crimes only because they know more, than their poor victim. They get further than the victim in the deciding of the first reason of sufferings. But the victim goes to the police, and they should catch the criminal to get their salary. After taking a criminal, the life of ordinary people becomes calm again. But it is only until the other criminal interferes in their lives. So, Gods created the eternal struggle of opposites in order not to interfere in the life and evolution of the humanity. And now we should do a sad conclusion. To become objectively happy and live without problems, we should appear outside the monad, it means, to appear beyond the eternal struggle of the opposites. For those, who still are in the monad, the formula of the happiness is the next. To live without problems in the midst of the eternal struggle of the opposites, the one should not only be strong, but become the strongest!

The inability to select your environment

Nowadays the humanity is very far from the deciding of this question. Our mind should learn from the Supreme Mind. God places on Earth souls, which are imperfect in His sight. He brings closer only the souls, which are perfect in His eyes. Thanks to it He dwells in harmony. God keeps control under the situation. But people ignore such an obvious reason of suffering or let everything run itself. The majority of the people create plain families. Such a family a-priory can’t bring the good closer and distance the bad (we do not choose relatives!). That is why the humanity and the harmony are almost incompatible. What children would the parents have? It is difficult to foresee. We could only suppose. We can define the features of the ideal family (in this book you’ll know the author’s position on the point). A plain family can in no way constitute harmony. To our regret, parents cannot chose a suitable child, as well as the children can’t decide in which family to born. But to live without problems the one should own such a chance! Yes, there are adopted children. But people adopt little children. And no one knows what they would be! People ignore the common sense and logic. Harmony is possible only in case when the parents adopt a child or a person, which ideally suits to the family. If a person doesn’t suits the family anymore, the family should distance him from itself, or it would be destroyed! Only in such a way could be decided the fourth reason of sufferings and get the happiness closer.

So, here are the four main reasons of sufferings. Why do I call them “the main”? Because even one of them could poison the life of any inhabitant of the Earth. And to get a life without problems it is necessary to remove at least these reasons of the sufferings.



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